Men's Lacrosse


This week for "MVP Watch" we spoke with Brendan McDaniels, MLL Television Analyst.

Brendan McDaniels knows that this award can only go to one winner but there are certainly a number of players that are in the conversation for MLL MVP. Here are a couple of players that McDaniels thinks might not get the nod but certainly are playing well enough for consideration. 

Joe Walters; Midfield, Chesapeake Bayhawks

When discussing two players that McDaniels would classify as "honorable mention guys", McDaniels says, "You gotta start with Joe Walters of Chesapeake, he's only played a half a year, but what he's done in a half a year has been simply amazing"!  McDaniels adds, "with Walters in the lineup he brings a totally different dynamic to the Bayhawks offense". Walters has racked up 17 goals and 13 assists in just 7 games played but it's the lack of games played that might keep him out of the MVP hunt. 

Kieran McArdle; Attack Florida Launch

McDaniels' second pick may suffer from a similar lack of post season activity. "Kieran McArdle has got to be the BEST player that NOBODY talks about!" said McDaniels. It's McArdle's jaw dropping production (43 goals and 17 assists) that might make him a perfect candidate for the "Offensive Player of the Year". 

So who are Brendan McDaniels Top 3 in the MVP race?

3.     Jordan Wolf; Attack, Rochester Rattlers

"Jordan Wolf is the most dynamic and exciting player in the League!" McDaniels credits the addition of Kevin Rice and the Rattlers' playoff berth as a reason why Wolf will be in the conversation. Oh and his 33 goals and 22 assists can't hurt his chances either!

2.     Tom Schreiber; Midfielder, Ohio Machine

McDaniels selects Tom Schreiber as his number 2 in the race for MVP. In addition to his dodging and shooting skills, "He might be the best passing midfielder in all of Major League Lacrosse!", said McDaniels. Schreiber's leadership on and off field should also be taken into consideration.

1.     Paul Rabil; Midfielder, NY Lizards

McDaniels sites, "Rabil's leadership ability to get players and coaches to buy into spreading the ball around and that some scorers would have to take secondary roles". McDaniels reiterates, it's the most VALUABLE player and Rabil's impact on the Lizards' offense and the havoc he plays on opposing defenses, is certainly a reason why he makes the grade.