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Rookie Profiles: Logan Schuss

Note: With the 2014 MLL Collegiate Draft just a couple of months away, Dec. 10 from the U.S. Lacrosse Convention,  we take a look at some of the best rookies of 2013. First up, Ohio Machine standout Logan Schuss

Logan Schuss – Ohio Machine– Attack

College: The Ohio State University

Selected:  2nd Round – 11th overall

After a successful career at Ohio State as a four-year starter, Schuss was drafted 11 th overall by the Ohio Machine in the 2013 MLL Collegiate Draft. The Canadian style player set himself apart from most other rookies, demonstrating that scoring was the platform for his rookie campaign. He finished the regular season with 28 goals and 7 assists totaling for 35 points and a .318 shooting percentage.

Being a box-style player as well, his field awareness and ability to set his teammates up have contributed to his success. In his first nine games as a pro, Schuss was Ohio’s number two scorer with 27 points (23 goals, four assists). This is no surprise judging by the numbers he recorded after leaving Ohio State. Having started and played in every season game during his four years, he is ranked first in OSU history for points with 237, goals with 146 and shots on goal with 320.Finishing his collegiate career so strongly definitely translated into his solid performance in his rookie season with the MLL. 

Playing in 11 games for the Machine, Schuss acquired a couple of Cascade Rookie of the Week awards, one due to his three goal and one assist performance on July 20 against Hamilton and the other two weeks later when he led the Machine to win 16-12 over Boston with four goals and two assists.

In a difficult season for Ohio, the Canadian native was a major asset in that he proved his multifaceted skill set, great lacrosse IQ, and a willingness and ability to adapt. Also doubling up on Cascade Rookie of the Week honors, there is no doubt that Schuss brought a complete game to Ohio, ending the year 15th overall in scoring and second among rookies only behind New York’s Rob Pannell.

Five Questions about the Collegiate draft

1)      Where were you during the 2013 Collegiate Draft?

During the draft I was at my college house watching it with my five roommates.  We were all pretty excited to see where I would go. I knew the Machine were going to select me at some point if I was still available, but it was still pretty intense each pick.

2)      How did you find out that you were selected?

Watched the draft on the live stream on YouTube that we hooked up to the TV.  I also received a ton of texts and tweets from friends and fans as soon as it was announced.

3)      What was your first thought when you found out you were selected by your team?

I was really honored to be drafted by the Machine.  Looking through the roster and seeing all the talent and character players was exciting. I couldn't wait to hit the field with them all and start something new.

4)      When did you realize that playing professional lacrosse was going to be a career possibility?

It had always been a dream of mine to play professional indoor lacrosse; I never thought I would be able to play professionally outdoors. Once I began playing at Ohio State and started to become more and more comfortable with the field game I thought I might have a shot at this professionally after all.

5)      What was the most memorable moment of your rookie season?

The most memorable moment for me would be our win against Boston at Harvard Stadium. Everything clicked for us that game and it just felt so nice to see everything come together for us and have multiple guys step up and produce for us in every position.