Men's Lacrosse

Over 80 Players Eligible for Player Movement

August 29, 2016 (Boston, MA)- Prior to the 2016 season, Major League Lacrosse announced a new policy that would allow greater flexibility of player movement within the League. If a player has been in the League for a minimum of 5 consecutive seasons and has an expiring contract, he will have the ability to relocate to a different market and team. 

If a player decided to not renew their current League contract with their team at the end of the season, they will sign a document expressing their intent to look into relocation. If a player signs a League contract with a new team, his previous team will receive compensatory draft picks in order to maintain the League’s competitive balance. The number and value of draft picks have been determined by the League. 

Those eligible will have from August 29 to September 23 to officially decide to not renew their current League contract and sign a document expressing their intent to look into relocation. Players will have until December 7 to sign a new League contract with a new MLL team. If the player does not join another team by that period, the player’s original team has the option of placing him on their protected roster. If the player is not placed on the protected roster, he will be released into the player pool. The 23-man protected rosters are due from the teams by September 30, 2016

At the end of the 2016 season, there were 91 eligible players to proceed with the player movement policy. The New York Lizards led all teams with 15 eligible players. Rochester and Florida both have 11 eligible players, which does include Casey Powell who previously announced that 2016 would be his final season. The 2016 MLL Champion Denver Outlaws have 10 eligible players. 

A few players signed contract extensions with their current teams before the player movement time frame even officially began. Last week, Max Seibald signed a contract through the 2017 season with the Boston Cannons. Tyler Fiorito and Mitch Belisle signed contract extensions through the 2018 season with the Cannons. 

“There was no hesitation for me to resign with the Cannons as there is no place I would rather play,” said Cannons midfielder Seibald in the press release. 

The Chesapeake Bayhawks also started making quick work with their players and signed Matt Abbott, Michael Evans, and Brian Phipps to multi-year contracts. Abbott and Phipps signed two-year year extensions to play for the Bayhawks through the 2018 season while Evans signed a three-year contract to play through the 2019 season. The Bayhawks also signed Jesse Bernhardt to a three-year contract to play through the 2019 season even though he was not eligible for the Player Movement Policy. 

The New York Lizards signed Steve DeNapoli,  who was eligible for the Player Movement Policy, to a two-year extension to play through the 2018 season. 

Listed below is the current list of eligible players for the Player Movement Policy 

Atlanta Cinosky Joseph
Atlanta Ghitelman Adam
Atlanta Mackrides Matt
Atlanta Matthews Mark
Atlanta O'Brien Eric
Atlanta Pennington Justin
Atlanta Snider Geoffrey
Boston Adams Brent
Boston Buchanan Kevin
Boston Bunker Craig
Boston Hagarty Eric
Boston Merrill Brodie
Boston Turri Justin
Charlotte Cipriano Charlie
Charlotte Crowley Kevin
Charlotte Drew Kevin
Charlotte Earl David
Charlotte Flanagan Ryan
Charlotte Schmidt Brett
Chesapeake Burns Dan
Chesapeake Costabile Craig
Chesapeake Danowski Matthew
Chesapeake Kelly Anthony
Chesapeake Mundorf Brendan
Chesapeake Walters Joseph
Chesapeake Wilber Dana
Denver Bocklet Chris
Denver Bocklet Matthew
Denver Fullerton Adam
Denver O'Dougherty Christopher
Denver Roy Dillon
Denver Schmidt Max
Denver Sieverts Jeremy
Denver Simon Michael
Denver Skudin Michael
Denver Snider Drew
Florida Brooks Steven
Florida Clausen Kenneth
Florida Lao-Gosney Cameron
Florida Lao-Gosney Roman
Florida Mattes Christopher
Florida Miller Jovan
Florida Ortolani John
Florida Powell Casey
Florida Queener Brett
Florida Reynolds Jeffrey
Florida Ricci Peter
New York Adams Andrew
New York Dircks Steven
New York Gibson Matthew
New York Gurenlian Gregory
New York Hartzell Kyle
New York Holmes Anthony
New York Palasek Tom
New York Rabil Paul
New York Ragonese Gerald
New York Spallina Brian
New York Stone Michael
New York Sweeney Kyle
New York Unterstein Kevin
New York Westervelt Drew
Ohio Grant John
Ohio Groot Daniel
Ohio Harrison Kyle
Ohio Karalunas Brian
Ohio Rodgers Scott
Ohio Sellers Andrew
Ohio Stanwick Steele
Ohio Waldeck Steven
Rochester Boltus Jeremy
Rochester Crotty Edward
Rochester Galloway John
Rochester Koshansky Will
Rochester Lade John
Rochester LaShomb Jason
Rochester Lazore Michael
Rochester MacIntosh Jordan
Rochester Manley Michael
Rochester Moss Donald
Rochester White Joel
Unassigned Greer Zack
Unassigned Hunt Ben
Unassigned Kimener Terry
Unassigned Poskay Matthew
Unassigned Rand Adam