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What Impact Will Bryce Wasserman Have On The Rattlers?

Bryce Wasserman has been added to the Dallas Rattlers

He is an ideal fit for Dallas. He grew up a mere thirty minutes from Frisco, so there is some great backstory there. But backstory does not win games. That aside, he is a solid selection for the Rattlers and give them another good dodging option.

Wasserman may not have been a household name in college, but he is looking to make his mark in the MLL this season following a solid rookie debut. But he is another great example of how where you end up is more important than where you start.

Wasserman was a graduate of Monmouth, which made him the first ever player from that school to be drafted into the league, and he was the first player to see time in a game as well. The Texas native was not gaining much attention for national awards, but he was rewriting the school’s record books from the moment he stepped on campus. As a freshman, he led the team in goals, assists, and points before eventually setting school records in all three categories as a junior and breaking those records again as a senior.

Not coming from a powerhouse program can make it difficult to project how he'll perform in the MLL. That uncertainty is why Denver waited until the end of the final round to draft him. But once he found time on the field for the final three games of the season, he took advantage of it. In those three games, he scored eight goals to go with two assists, including a four goal effort in Boston to end the year.

While Wasserman was listed as a midfielder last season, his natural position is at attack. He is the type of player who is a pure initiator. He's deceptively fast and thrives in one-on-one situations. First and foremost, he's a goal scorer. In terms of players available in this draft, he leads the group in Assisted Shot Percentage, finishing over 57% of the time you feed him the ball, and he's second only to Nick Mariano in Unassisted Shot Percentage among offensive players. Needless to say, he's a player that thrives with the ball in his stick.