Men's Lacrosse Zach Wright

MLL Week 7: Inside The Numbers

We take a closer look at the numbers from Week 7 of the 2019 MLL Season.

This week the New York Lizards beat the Boston Cannons 15-12, the Denver Outlaws beat the Atlanta Blaze 18-17, the Boston Cannons beat the Atlanta Blaze 17-16, and the Chesapeake Bayhawks beat the Dallas Rattlers 13-11.



Ground Balls/Game 


Shots on Goal/Game 


Cannons - 15.14 

Blaze - 10 

Outlaws - 43.43 

Outlaws - 18 

Cannons - 28.14 

Bayhawks - 15.17 

Blaze - 15 

Outlaws - 8.14 

Cannons - 42 

Cannons - 15.57 

Outlaws - 27.29 

Rattlers - 15.57 

Outlaws - 14.43 

Cannons - 6.14 

Lizards - 38.57 

Blaze - 15.38 

Bayhawks - 26.83 

Outlaws - 15.86 

Bayhawks - 13.33 

Lizards - 6 

Blaze - 38 

Lizards - 15.14 

Lizards - 26.14 

Cannons - 16.43 

Lizards - 12.14 

Bayhawks - 6 

Rattlers - 34.43 

Bayhawks - 14.5 

Blaze - 25.75 

Lizards - 17.14 

Rattlers - 10 

Rattlers - 3.29 

Bayhawks - 34.33 

Rattlers - 11.57 

Rattlers - 23.86 

Blaze - 18 

Caused Turnovers/Game 

Ground Balls Against/Game 

Shots on Goal Against/Game 

Faceoff Losses/Game 

Bayhawks - 8 

Outlaws - 32.43 

Cannons - 25 

Outlaws - 13.14 

Rattlers - 7.71 

Bayhawks - 38.33 

Lizards - 25.57 

Lizards - 13.29 

Outlaws - 6.14 

Cannons - 39.57 

Rattlers - 25.57 

Rattlers - 15.57 

Cannons - 5.71 

Lizards - 39.86 

Bayhawks - 26.17 

Cannons - 15.86 

Lizards - 5.71 

Blaze - 40.25 

Outlaws - 26.86 

Bayhawks - 16 

Blaze - 5.13 

Rattlers - 43.86 

Blaze - 28.5 

Blaze - 16.38 

Caused Turnovers - Turnovers Ratio Rankings 

  1. Chesapeake Bayhawks - 1.9 CTTR 

  1. Dallas Rattlers - 2.02 CTTR 

  1. Denver Outlaws - 2.58 CTTR 

  1. Boston Cannons - 2.86 CTTR 

  1. New York Lizards - 3 CTTR 

  1. Atlanta Blaze - 3.51 CTTR 

These rankings are based on which teams have the best ratio of caused turnover to turnovers. For example, if a team has 3 Caused Turnover-Turnover Ratio (CTTR) then for every Caused Turnover they force they give up 3 Turnovers.

Best Passing Teams 

These rankings are based on the percent of a team’s goals that are assisted. The acronym GWA stands for Goals With an Assist

  1. Atlanta Blaze - 66.7% GWA (80 Assists & 120 Goals) 

  1. Denver Outlaws - 56.4% GWA (57 Assists & 101 Goals) 

  1. New York Lizards - 49.4% GWA (42 Assists & 85 Goals) 

  1. Chesapeake Bayhawks - 45% GWA (36 Assists & 80 Goals) 

  1. Boston Cannons - 40.6% GWA (43 Assists & 106 Goals) 

  1. Dallas Rattlers - 32.9% GWA (23 Assists & 70 Goals) 

Ground Ball Percent’s Rankings 

These rankings are based on the percent of all available ground balls in a game that a certain team scoops up.

  1. Denver Outlaws - 57.3%

  1. Boston Cannons - 51.5% 

  1. New York Lizards - 49.2% 

  1. Atlanta Blaze - 48.6% 

  1. Chesapeake Bayhawks - 47.3% 

  1. Dallas Rattlers - 44% 

Team Stats Trends for Week 6 

  • Teams with more Shots on Goal were 3-1 this week 

  • Teams with more Ground Balls were 3-1 this week 

  • Teams with more Face off Wins were 2-2 this week 

  • Teams with less Turnovers were 1-2-1 this week 

  • Teams winning at Half were 1-3 this week 

  • Teams winning going into the 4th Quarter were 3-0-1 this week 

(Note: the 1-2-1 means that in certain games the teams tied in certain statistics, like turnovers, or that games were tied at half or going into the 4th quarter) 

Shots on goal and ground balls seem to be the statistics that led to the most success this weekend, however on the opposite side teams with less turnovers only won one game. Another very interesting trend was the amount of games that drastically changed in the third quarter. Teams that were leading at halftime went on to go 1-3 this week which is quite poor in comparison to previous weeks this MLL season. However, teams with a lead going into the fourth quarter did as good as you can going 3-0-1. This means that all 3 teams with a lead going into the fourth quarter held on to their lead and won the game, while one game was tied going into the final quarter of play.

Team Stats Trends for the Whole Season 

  • Teams with more Shots on Goal are 11-8-2 

  • Teams with more Ground Balls are 14-6-1 

  • Teams with more Face off Wins are 12-9 

  • Teams with less Turnovers are 3-13-5 

  • Teams winning at Half are 10-7-4 

  • Teams winning going into the 4th Quarter 17-2-2 

(Note: Any record with a third number, like 11-8-2, indicates that there have been games that tied in these statistical categories, or indicates that a game was tied at halftime or going into the 4th quarter) 

An amazing stat is the low rate of success that comes from having less turnovers than your opponent. In the 21 games played this season only 3 games have seen the winning team also have less turnovers than the losing team. There are many things that could contribute to this statistic, potentially teams with a lead late in the game tend to get more shot clock violations and that has increased the turnover numbers. This is just speculation, but it is an interesting and confusing trend that we have seen play out basically all year. The statistic that has led to the most wins this year has been ground balls. Ground balls can create quick changes of possession which oftentimes leaves the defense unprepared for the offenses counter attack. The last statistic to pay attention to is the dominance of teams with a 4th quarter lead, only 2 teams have been able to make a 4th quarter comeback which is quite low for 21 games. This is a testament to how well teams are able to control the game and clock late in the contests once they have secured a lead.

Zach Wright’s Teammate of the Week Award 

Randy Staats has been one of the best players for the Atlanta Blaze this season, and to nobody’s surprise he was excellent once again this weekend. Staats has been a stat stuffer all year long contributing in a multitude of ways. This weekend Staats and the Blaze played in two games against two of the best teams in MLL, the Outlaws and the Cannons. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to win either of those games, however Staats played above and beyond in both games. Staats racked up an outstanding 5 assists in his two games, and his efforts did not stop there. He also added 4 goals and 3 ground balls to his numbers, living up to his name of the “Staat Stuffer”. Due to his incredible play this past weekend, Randy Staats wins the Zach Wright Teammate of the Week Award for Week 7 of the 2019 MLL Season.

Nick Beati’s FOGO of the Week Award 
#9 Max Adler 

Due to his superb play this past Sunday, Chesapeake faceoff specialist Kenny Massa received serious consideration for this decoration, but another hulk-like performance from Denver’s Max Adler in the center circle ultimately gives him his third consecutive nod. High elevation and scorching temperatures made conditions very difficult for players at Mile High Thursday. Outlaws’ staff gave Adler sporadic rest time, but they needed every second of their all-star in the fourth quarter, ultimately prevailing in a high scoring contest. The 18-17 Denver victory improved their season record to 6-1, leading the MLL. Not only did Adler win 67.6% of draws (23 for 34) versus fellow all-star Alex Woodall, he notched the most important goal of the game. In a game where Denver dominated (leading 11-6 at one point), Atlanta answered with a stunning run, taking a 13-12 advantage. Following a clean faceoff win with 2:50 remaining in the third quarter, Adler couldn’t be stopped down the middle of the field, sniping a game tying goal. Adler illustrated his clutch nature as well. He won both faceoffs in the last five minutes, gaining possession and securing the victory for his squad. 

Nick Beati’s “Stoned Cold Robbery” of the Week Award 
#14 Austin Kaut 

In a must win game for the Lizards, netminder Austin Kaut stepped up in a huge way. The 6th year MLL veteran bewildered Boston’s high power offense for 60 minutes Thursday, holding them to 12 goals (lowest total all season) in a three goal victory. His 8 clean saves on 29 shots on goal was memorable, but the most significant stat pertaining to Kaut last week was his ability to hold all-star and the second leading scorer in the MLL, Mark Cockerton, to 1 goal. Look for New York to make a significant push moving forward with similar performances from Kaut in net.

Following two losses from Atlanta this past week, New York is suddenly right back into the playoff picture, trailing the Blaze by only 1.5 games (1 in loss column). 

Week 7 Team Shots on Goal Efficiency (SOGE) Rankings 

  1. Atlanta Blaze - 67.4% SOGE (33 Goals & 49 SOG) 

  1. New York Lizards - 60% SOGE (15 Goals & 25 SOG) 

  1. Denver Outlaws - 52.9% SOGE (18 Goals & 34 SOG) 

  1. Dallas Rattlers - 50% SOGE (11 Goals & 22 SOG) 

  1. Boston Cannons - 49.2% SOGE (29 Goals & 59 SOG) 

  1. Chesapeake Bayhawks - 48.2% SOGE (13 Goals & 27 SOG) 

Team SOGE Season Rankings 

  1. Atlanta Blaze - 58.3% SOGE (120 Goals & 206 SOG) 

  1. Boston Cannons - 53.8% SOGE (106 Goals & 197 SOG) 

  1. Denver Outlaws - 52.9% SOGE (101 Goals & 191 SOG) 

  1. Chesapeake Bayhawks - 49.7% SOGE (80 Goals & 161 SOG) 

  1. New York Lizards - 46.5% SOGE (85 Goals & 183 SOG) 

  1. Dallas Rattlers - 41.9% SOGE (70 Goals & 167 SOG) 

Home Field Advantage Continues 

Last week we saw the Home teams finally catch up to the away teams and surpass them on wins this season. This week the home and away teams went 2-2, and therefore the home teams held on to that very slim one game lead. As I have mentioned in previous weeks MLL history leads up to believe that the home teams will hold on to the slim advantage they currently have. This coming weekend of MLL action could finally give the home teams some breathing room, since some of the best teams in the MLL, the Cannons, Outlaws, & Bayhawks all have games at home this weekend. The Cannons will have a tough matchup against the Blaze, but one would expect the Bayhawks and Outlaws to handle the Lizards and Rattlers will relative ease. We will see next week if the home teams extend their small lead or if the away teams storm back to take the lead that they lost after week 6.

2019 Season: Home & Away Record is 11-10 

Every Teams Home & Away Records so far this season 

Atlanta Blaze 
Home Record: 3-2 
Away Record: 1-2 

Boston Cannons
Home Record: 2-1 
Away Record: 3-1 

Chesapeake Bayhawks 
Home Record: 1-1 
Away Record: 3-1  

Dallas Rattlers 
Home Record: 0-4 
Away Record: 0-3 

Denver Outlaws 
Home Record: 3-0 
Away Record: 3-1 

New York Lizards 
Home Record: 2-2 
Away Record: 0-3 

Best Week 7 Performances

  • Brendan Sunday - Atlanta Blaze - 12 points (8 Goals, 4 Assists, & 2 Ground Balls in 2 games) 

  • Randy Staats - Atlanta Blaze - 9 points (4 Goals, 5 Assists, & 3 Ground Balls in 2 games) 

  • Christian Mazzone - Atlanta Blaze - 7 points (5 Goals, 2 Assists, & 7 Ground Balls in 2 games) 

  • Will Sands - Boston Cannons - 7 points (2 Goals, 5 Assists & 3 Ground Balls) 

  • Connor O'Hara - Boston Cannons - 7 points (6 Goals, 1 Assist, 3 Ground Balls, & 1 Caused Turnover)